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DRISCOPLEX® 6500 PE 2406


Performance Pipe

PERFORMANCE PIPE is the functional successor to the operations of Plexco1 and Driscopipe2. On July 1, 2000, Chevron Chemical Company and Phillips Chemical Company joined to form Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP. Performance Pipe, a division of Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP, succeeds Plexco and Driscopipe as North America's largest producer of polyethylene piping products for gas, industrial, municipal, mining, oilfield, and utility applications.

Performance Pipe tenders more than forty years of polyethylene pipe manufacturing experience with nine ISO Certified manufacturing facilities eight states.

The unmatched quality and performance of Performance Pipe polyethylene piping products is enhanced and strengthened with over four decades of quality polyolefin plastic resin production from Chevron Phillips Chemical Company.

A Commitment to Quality and Performance

DRISCOPLEX® 6500 Piping - the Successor to YELLOWPIPE and 6500

Performance Pipe DriscoPlex® 6500 PE 2406 gas piping products succeed YELLOWPIPE and 6500 as the product of choice for medium-density polyethylene gas piping systems. DriscoPlex® 6500 PE 2406 gas pipe, tubing and fittings are manufactured in accordance with the latest published editions of ASTM D 2513, CSA B137.4, or applicable international standards. Performance Pipe manufactures 1/2" through 24" (16 mm through 600 mm) outside diameter controlled polyethylene pipe and tubing, molded butt, socket, and saddle fusion fittings, and fabricated fittings for domestic and international gas applications.

Research and Testing

Performance Pipe maintains ongoing testing and product improvement programs to ensure the highest quality polyethylene pipe and fittings. A complete quality assurance program assures continuing product quality, and new products and product improvements are thoroughly tested before release. Both incoming materials and outgoing products are evaluated to ensure that all Performance Pipe products meet our own exacting standards as well as current industry standards and governmental standards and regulations.

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