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Performance pipe, a Division of Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP, is the functional successor to the operations of PLEXCO and DRISCOPIPE. Performance Pipe began operations on July 1, 2000, and effective July 1,2000, the products of the former PLEXCO and DRISCOPIPE companies became the products of Performance Pipe. Performance Pipe products may have the markings of the former and current companies, that is, "PLEXCO", "DRISCOPIPE" or "DRISCOPLEX" markings.

Material performance characteristics and product fusion characteristics have not changed as a result of the joint venture and creation of Performance Pipe. Modifications to the content of the print-line on the product do not affect fusion procedures. Therefore, joining procedures that are qualified for PLEXCO products and for DRISCOPIPE products are joining procedures that are qualified for Performance Pipe products. Furthermore, operator (utility) specific joining procedures, which are already qualified, continue to be qualified for use with products from Performance Pipe. Department of Transportation regulations require that all persons who make fusion joints in polyethylene gas piping systems must be qualified under the operator's written procedures (49 CFR Part 192, 192.293(a)), and require that gas system operators ensure that all persons who make fusion joints are qualified (49 CFR, Part 192, 192.285(d)). (See below: Federal Regulations for Gas Pipe Joining.)

Where qualified procedures are already in-use by an operator in compliance with Department of Transportation regulations, these recommended fusion procedures do not constitute a requirement for that operator to change to these recommended fusion procedures.

This Bulletin describes recommended pmedures and guidelines for joining Performance Pipe polyethylene pipe and mings using butt fusion, saddle fusion and socket fusion joining techniques. Butt fusion procedures are consistent with PPI TR-33 Generic Butt Fusion Procedures.


The procedures in this bulletin are recommended for joining the following Performance Pipe products to themselves or to each other:

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Performance Pipe Heat Fusion Joining Procedures