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Technical Note 807 - Large Diameter Coiled PE Pipe

Large Diameter Coiled PE Pipe

Coil Configurations

Large diameter, 4" IPS, 5" IPS, and 6" IPS Performance PipeÔäó polyethylene piping products are available in coils and coiled on reels. Because of their size and weight, coiled large diameter PE piping products require appropriate equipment and procedures for safe handling, installation, and use.

Safety on Site

This bulletin does not address all of the safety concerns associated with coiled large diameter PE piping products.

  • Before and during installation, the owner or installer is responsible for establishing appropriate safety practices, and for complying with all applicable federal, state, and local codes and regulations.

If you have limited experience with polyethylene piping, or with the piping product size you are to install, please seek more information from persons who know about installing HDPE piping products, or your Performance Pipe Distributor, or Performance Pipe.

  • Safe handling and operating procedures must be observed.

Request Performance Pipe unloading instructions from the truck driver.

  • Observe unloading instructions when unloading pipe and fittings from the truck.
  • Unload coils and reels by lifting them off the truck with appropriate lifting equipment. Do not push, roll or dump pipe coils or reels off the truck.

Lifting equipment such as a crane, side boom tractor, or extension boom crane (cherry picker) should be used for unloading.

  • Coiled large diameter pipe can be heavy. Lifting equipment load ratings must be adequate for lifting coiled large diameter PE pipe.

Use fabric choker slings through the coil or reel. Do not use chains or wire rope. They can slip on the product surface, and result in hazards to persons or product damage.

  • Lifting and handling equipment must be in safe working condition.
  • Do not use worn-out or damaged equipment because safety or load capacity may be com promised.

Rerounding and Straightening

Flexible PE piping will ovalize when it is coiled, and after a period of time, the product will take a "coil set", that is, it will retain some coil curvature and ovality after uncoiling. Residual coil curvature and ovality are normal for all coiled PE piping products. But because larger piping is coiled to a tighter bending radius, residual curvature and ovality is greater for larger diameters. Residual coil curvature and ovality may not be a concern for some applications, but may be a consideration for others.

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Large Diameter Coiled PE Pipe