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McElroy MiniMCTM Machines


are compact, lightweight, highly reliable, accurate and rugged. Perfect for joining 1/2" CTS - 1" IPS (16 mm - 34 mm) service sizes. The MiniMcTMrequires only one operator and works in the most difficult conditions. McElroy's patented features and precision engineering provide joint integrity and minimal maintenance. The narrow clamp design provides for butt fusion with precise pipe alignment at the fusion joint. The MiniMc heater is thermostatically controlled and has a durable anti-stick coating. Our insulated heater sling protects the heater and allows carrying while hot.

* Compact, lightweight

* Hand operated

* C Thermostatically controlled heater

MiniMc Fusion Machines

Package includes: fusion machine, screw/driver kit, and operator's manual.


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McElroy MiniMC Machines