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Model Specification 304

DriscoPlex™ 6500 Series

PE 2406 Gas Distribution Pipe and Fittings


General Terms and Conditions


Scope. This specification covers requirements for DriscoPlex™ 6500 PE 2406 polyethylene pipe and fittings for underground gas distribution systems. All work shall be performed in accordance with these specifications.


Engineered and Approved Plans. Underground gas distribution piping construction shall be performed in accordance with engineered construction plans for the work prepared under the direction of a Professional Engineer. Plans shall conform to the standards and regulations for gas distribution piping. Pipe, fittings, and the installation shall meet the applicable requirements of the U. S. Department of Transportation, Pipeline Safety Regulations, Title 49, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 192. Private systems shall meet relevant requirements of NFPA 54/ANSI Z223.1, or NFPA 58, or ASME B31.8.


Referenced Standards. Where all or part of a Federal, ASTM, ANSI, NFPA, etc., standard specification is incorporated by reference in these Specifications, the reference standard shall be the latest edition and revision.


Licenses and Permits. A licensed and bonded Contractor shall perform all underground gas distribution piping construction work. The Contractor shall secure all necessary permits before commencing construction.


Inspections. All work shall be inspected by an Authorized Representative of the Owner or Operator who shall have the authority to halt construction if, in his opinion, these specifications or standard construction practices are not being followed. Whenever any portion of these specifications is violated, the Project Engineer or his Authorized Representative, shall, by written notice, order further construction to cease until all deficiencies are corrected. A copy of the order shall be filed with the Contractor's license application for future review. If the deficiencies are not corrected, performance shall be required of the Contractor's surety.


Polyethylene Pipe and Fittings


Qualification of Manufacturers. The Manufacturer shall have manufacturing and quality control facilities that are capable of producing and assuring the quality of the pipe and fittings required by these Specifications. The Manufacturer's production facilities shall be open for inspection by the Customer or his Authorized Representative.

The pipe and fitting manufacturer shall be ISO Certified in accordance with the current edition of ISO 9001 and a documented quality management system that defines product specifications and manufacturing and quality assurance procedures that assure conformance with customer and applicable regulatory requirements. Upon request, the manufacturer shall provide a current Certificate of Compliance form and independent ISO 9000 Registrar.

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Model Specification 304