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Yellowstripe® 8300 Series

PE4710-PE100 / (PE3408) Pipe

Pipe Data Sheet

Typical material Physical Properties of Yellowstripe®  8300 series

PE4710-PE100 / (PE3408)

High Density Polyethylene Materials

PropertyUnitTest ProcedureTypical Value
Material Designation---PPI-TR4PE4710(1)
Cell Classification---ASTM D3350445574C
Pipe Properties
Densitygms / cm3ASTM D15050.961 (black)
Melt Index (HLMI) Condition 190 / 21.6gms/10minASTM D12388.0
Hydrostatic Design Basis, 73°F (23°C)psiASTM D28371,600
Hydrostatic Design Basis, 140°F (60°C)psiASTM D28371,000
Minimum Required StrengthMpa (psi)ISO 9080>10 (>145)
Rapid Crack Propagation Critical Pressure(Pc), 0°C(32°F)(2)Bar (psi)ISO 13477>12bar (>174) psi
Pipe Test Category---ASTM D2513CEE
Material Properties
Flexural Modulus at 2% strainpsiASTM D790>150,000
Tensile Strength @ Yield (Type IV)psiASTM D638>3,500
Elongation at Break 2 in / min., Type IV Bar %ASTM D638>800
Elastic Modulus @ Secant 2% strain (2in/min., type IV bar)psiASTM D638>200,000
HardnessShore DASTM D224065
PENThrsASTM F1473>5000
Thermal Properties
Vicat Softening Temperature°FASTM D1525255
Brittleness Temperature°FASTM D746-180
Thermal Expansionin / in / °FASTM D6961.0 x 10-4

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Typical Physical Properties 4710 Yellowstripe® 8300 series