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The McElroy DataLogger®


is used to record and document the key parameters of the fusion process. This cost effective device can be used to verify that proper procedures have been followed prior to installation. The Datalogger consists of a Pocket PC as the recording device wirelessly connected to a data collection device. The data collection device records the heater temperature along with the fusion pressure profile over time. All data is recorded and transmitted to the Pocket PC where the report can be stored, viewed, printed out directly or transferred to a desktop computer for archiving.

Key features of the Pocket PC:

  • Wireless connection to the data collection device via Bluetooth®
  • Pocket PC provides familiar Microsoft Windows user interface
  • Storage via easily replaceable or upgradeable SD card
  • Transfer to a PC through SD card reader, Bluetooth, or USB
  • Generates reports in imperial or metric units

Key Features of the Data Collection Device:

  • Laser-guided pyrometer for accurate temperature readings
  • New quick disconnect allows connection under pressure

DataLogger Packages

Package includes: Datalogger, Pocket PC w/ Datalogger software pre-installed, Pocket PC wrist strap, carrying case, SD card reader, operator's manual, one year free software support.

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The McElroy DataLogger