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MegaMc® No.2065 Machines


will butt fuse pipe sizes from 20 OD - 65 OD (500mm - 1600mm). The machine allows for butt fusion of most fittings without special holders. Mitered inserts are available for fabricating ells. McElroy's unique semiautomatic control system requires only one operator. Hydraulic power assists all fusion functions including the complete operation of the iaws, pipe lifts, heater, and facer. It also incorporates McElroy's patented Centerline Guidance System and is Datalogger® Compatible

MegaMc® No.2065

  • Centerline Guidance System
  • Datalogger® Compatible

No.2065 Fusion Machine

Package includes: fusion machine, facer, 48" and 65" heaters, butt fusion heater adapter set, lifting assembly, and operator's manual.

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McElroy MegaMc 2065